agro-digital intelligence

Why agriculture?

Agricultural data has a specific and strategic aspect because it is directly linked to food sovereignty.

Agricultural information systems are still poorly developed, poorly documented and poorly interoperable.

Agri-food chains need high-performance information systems in order to better evaluate, manage and value the efforts made and the agri-environmental benefits associated with contracted progress approaches.

Farmers must be encouraged to transmit quality data, beyond the simple regulatory obligation, with a system of remuneration for contributors, in accordance with the GDPR and the Data Agri charter.

Retribution at the heart
of the OKP4 protocol

A common goal

The tokenomics principles of the OKP4 protocol implement an incentive mechanism, making it possible to maximise the alignment of interests between actors in the agri-food chains.


Data are no longer free of charge

All contributors (farmers, Professional Agricultural Organisations, operators, etc.) are retributed


Towards better tools for the agricultural world?

The more players in the agricultural world contribute to enriching data and thus creating knowledge, the more they are retributed.

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