Our solution

A protocol that is agnostic and adaptable to all existing algorithms

OKP4 offers an integrated solution that is perfectly adapted to your use and your needs.
Whatever the data format, whatever your data entry software or your algorithms, OKP4 will make all your data relevant and knowledgeable.

Bring all your data to life!

As the OKP4 protocol is agnostic of the data format, it can receive a considerable amount of data. Whether it is data from OpenData, data entered by users, data from algorithms, data from your databases, … our protocol allows you to finally give value to all your data.

Your data belongs to you!

The data entered in our protocol is then processed by our algorithms in order to be formatted to become interoperable in the OKP4 ecosystem.
This data processing is carried out in a secure manner. No one, apart from the data supplier, is able to access this data.

OKP4 to make full use of the power of the data

The data processed and formatted by the OKP4 protocol can be used by your algorithms to enable you, for example, to create knowledge and thus better manage your activities, to carry out precise monitoring of your business, etc.

All the data entered in the OKP4 protocol can also be used to enrich your algorithms to produce ever more relevant knowledge. This is done in a totally encrypted and secure manner without you having direct access to this data.

Your data processed by OKP4 can also benefit from enriching other algorithms. This is called the knowledge economy. Your data is used by the other algorithms in a totally secure and encrypted manner without other users having direct access to the data.

Each time a batch of data is used by an algorithm, the OKP4 protocol ensures the traceability of the data provider’s consent and also its remuneration for having contributed to the knowledge economy.

Encrypted and secure processes

A respect of the consents throughout the valuation of the data